Look, no bearings... just a cushion of air! With the JETBELT™, dry bulk handling is a breeze!

The TRAMCO JETBELT is an air-supported belt conveyor that is designed to convey free flowing dry products in all types of industries, especially in applications where dust containment is crucial. This efficient conveyor system requires less horsepower and no idlers in either the material carrying or empty return pan, regardless of conveying distance. The head section is split, making removal of shaft and pulley assemblies easy. The tail section has bolt-on covers and a slot for pulley removal.

TRAMCO has been engineering air supported belt systems since the early 1980s and now with the state of the art technology JETBELT, offers an entirely new level of operating efficiencies for dry bulk handling requirements such as grain, coal, limestone and aggregates. Instead of relying on conventional roller bearings to support the belt, JETBELT rides on a thin "cushion of air" for virtually friction-free operation. Its smooth transport and constant air flow means materials stay on the conveyor belt and dusting is practically eliminated.

The JETBELT has been put into service around world by some the world's greatest companies

Standard JETBELT Features

  • All conveyor sections are pre-assembled on a level 215ft fixtures, match-marked and dowel-pinned for field assembly. With proper rigging practices, Intermediate Sections can be assembled and shipped in multiples of up to 40 ft. lengths, saving on field time.
  • ~3 mils Powder Coat finish. The finish has a good hardness, excellent flexibility, excellent exterior stability, good chemical and solvent resistance, and a very good corrosion protection. All parts are powder coated before assembly. All fasteners are cadmium plated.
  • Drives are pre-assembled with the oil bath chain case fitted and removed for shipment.
  • Oil bath chain cases are split with two top inspection doors, one over each sprocket.
  • Out-board mounted bearings on the head section.
  • All intermediate sections are pinned and robotically welded in fixtures to ensure squareness and length.

JETBELT Load-Carrying EZ-Flex Belt

The load-carrying EZ-FLEX Belt is supported by a layer of air between the belt and the pan. The air is supplied from a fan, which pressurizes the air chamber under the pan. The air flows up through holes in the pan. The air is then vented to a dust control system. This unique design allows the JETBELT to free span 40 feet or greater. TRAMCO exclusively uses the EZ-FLEX belt for its JETBELT conveyors. The EX-FLEX belt combines unique qualities such as more lateral elasticity in cold climates and the ability to readily conform to the air film between the belt and the conveyor plenum, without compromising longitudinal strength. 

Jetbelt™ Standard Head

  • Head pulley showing reloading belt cleaner
  • Packing gland shaft seal
  • Internal view of reloading belt cleaner (Belt not shown). Patent pending.
  • V-Plow and reloading belt cleaner. Patent pending. (Belt not shown)

Jetbelt™ Belt Cleaner

  • Front view of air curtain belt cleaner. Patent pending.
  • Back view of air curtain belt. Patent pending.

Jetbelt™ Standard Tail

  • Tail Section reloading and self-cleaning tail pulley with top hinged access door.
  • V-Plow prior to self-cleaning, reloading tail pulley.