Model RB

The heavy-duty, hard working conveyor for soft stock. Capacity to 10,000 CF/HR.

The TRAMCO Model RB Conveyor is specifically designed for the handling of soft stock or materials that are easily crumbled or broken, such as seed, feed, pellets and other fragile materials.

All components are jig welded to ensure thier interchangeability and are checked for precise fit by the strict TRAMCO 100% inspection policy. The Model RB is built standard with 10-gauge construction. The U-shaped trough is available in widths of 9" - 12" - 14" and 16". Our "total quality process" means that you can count on years of quiet, trouble-free performance from your TRAMCO Model RB Conveyor.

The Model RB has been put into service around world by some the world's greatest companies

Standard DRACON Features

  • All conveyor sections are pre-assembled on a level 215ft fixtures, match-marked and dowel-pinned for field assembly. With proper rigging practices, Intermediate Sections can be assembled and shipped in multiples of up to 40 ft. lengths, saving on field time.
  • ~3 mils Powder Coat finish. The finish has a good hardness, excellent flexibility, excellent exterior stability, good chemical and solvent resistance, and a very good corrosion protection. All parts are powder coated before assembly. All fasteners are cadmium plated.
  • Drives are pre-assembled with the oil bath chain case fitted and removed for shipment.
  • Oil bath chain cases are split with two top inspection doors, one over each sprocket.
  • All liners use 1/2" welded studs attached to the exterior of the liner plates to eliminate wear points on the inside of the liners.
  • All internal conveyor sprockets are split and hardened to ~420 BHN. Split sprockets can be "turned around" for double life. "Walking Tooth Sprockets" used where applicable.
  • Conveyor chains are all cottered constructed for ease of removal. All links are pre-heated prior to robotic welding of the attachment bars.
  • Conveyor "By-Pass" inlets have a bolted side plate construction to ease removal/replacement of the internal liner plates without removal of the feed spout and or transition.
  • All intermediate sections are pinned and robotically welded in fixtures to ensure squareness and length.

Dracon™ Standard Head

  • Hinged relief doors for conveyor protection
  • Flanged discharge
  • U.H.M.W. dust seal
  • Take-up in the head with self-cleaning tail
  • Flame-hardened split spocket for easy replacement

Dracon™ Intermediate Sections

  • Inspection doors at each inlet or per customers' requirements
  • Dowel Pins ensure precision alignment

Dracon™ Standard Tail & Feed Inlet

  • Heavy-duty ball bearings
  • Four bolt flanged bearing
  • Bypass feed inlet allows feed to flow around return flight directly into the bottom run without damaging material

Dracon™ Chain

  • Heavy-duty heat treated chain supported by our standard center return rail
  • Optional return sprocket or roller

Dracon™ Trough

  • Contour-shaped U.H.M.W. polyethylene flights are standard on all TRAMCO DRACON™ conveyors for self-cleaning and quiet operation
  • Steel attachments with bolted construction
  • Dowel pin line-up holes to ensure precise fit and ease of installation
  • Extra long-lasting fixed center return rail channel, capped with replaceable U.H.M.W. to eliminate steel-on-steel contact
  • All steel or combination chain
  • Standing flange hipped roof cover fastened with cadmium plated bolts for added saftey